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University of Delaware Class on Thin Layer Chromatography

Karen Brinker and Leslie Allshouse graciously allowed us to join them recently as they led their University of Delaware

UD class

Clinical Physiological Chemistry II class through a drug testing procedure using Thin Layer Chromatography.

Unfortunately, our sound engineer was off his game that day - the background noise you hear in the video is blow driers being used to dry the TLC plates.

Many thanks to Karen and Leslie for letting us be a part of the class! 

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VIDEO REPORT: Chromatography used to identify 300 Year-Old Native American Dyes

WHYY Senior Health and Science Reporter Kerry Grens' report on research by University of Delaware Doctoral Student Christina Cole on the composition of dyes used by Native Americans using chromatography. The report features an explanation of chromatography by Analtech General Manager Steven Miles and an interview with Delaware State University Prof. Claytrice Watson about forensic science.


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Congratulations to recipients of the Governor Ruth Ann Minner Biotechnology Scholarship Awards

We were honored to be part of the 2009 Governor Ruth Ann Minner Biotechnology Scholarship Awards luncheon.

This year's recipients ar pictured to the right along with Dr. 2009 Minner scholarship recipientsYidadi Yusibov, Executive Director for the Fraunhofer Center for Molecular Biotechnology.

(l-r) Mr. Nicholas Rohm of the University of Delaware, Ms. Mara Hyatt of Delaware Technical and Community College, Dr. Yusibov, and Mr. Tim Pierpont of Delaware State University.

The scholarship fund was started by the Fraunhofer Center for Molecular Biotechnology in 2006 for the purpose of encouraging Delaware students to consider studies and career opportunities in the growing field of biotechnology. It was named in honor of Governor Ruth Ann Minner for her support of and contributions to biotechnology in the State of Delaware. The scholarship is awarded to a student from the University of Delaware, Delaware State University and Delaware Technical and Community College who demonstrates a commitment to pursuing the highest standards of excellence, ethics and compassion in the biotech field.

Congratulations to this year's recipients - we're all looking forward to great work from you!

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