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Mike Princer says nice things about our Thin Layer Chromatography products

Mike Princer is with the Chemistry Department at Grinnell College.

Mike came to our booth at NAOSMM (National Association of Scientific Materials Managers) and told us how much he enjoyed using out flexible-backed thin layer chromatography plates. We asked if he would mind repeating that with the camera rolling...


 We are very appreciative of Mike's kind words - and in case you're wondering, you can find more information about our flexible-backed TLC plates by clicking here.

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Whatman comparable Thin Layer Chromatography Plates Available

Recently, GE Healthcare announced the discontinuation of the Whatman Thin Layer Chormatography product range.

As a service to our customers (past, current, and future), we'd like to offer the following comparison chart.

WhatmanCatalog resized 600

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