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Resources for educators

We appreciate so much the work being done by educators around the world to engage students in better understanding science.e5a7804ea03cc6d867abb0e3154e9344.jpg

We've found that most students respond well to videos, and we'd like to offer a couple that we think might help students grasp the concepts of chromatography while providing some entertainment.

We encourage all educators to use and share these if they find them useful.







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Tom Lehrer's version of the Periodic Table

Some things just need to be seen and heard by as many people as possible - this is one of those things.

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Pre-cut plastic backed TLC plates - the hit of NAOSMM

NAOSMM in BoiseThere is one product that has everyone talking at NAOSMM this year is our flexible, pre-cut TLC plates (click here to check out the plates).

This has been an incredible show! We made some wonderful new friends and we look forward to working with everyone at NAOSMM to provide the best products for separation science!

NAOSMMWe'll see everyone in Norfolk, Virginia next year - we'll be at Booth 51.



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Jennifer Bachman shares some ideas about doing chemistry at home

Jennifer Bachman, Laboratory Coordinator for the Chemistry Department at Sewanee: The University of the South, gave a presentation at NAOSMM about chemistry experiments that can be done outside the lab - she was kind enough to share some of her presentation with us here.


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